(Black) Mazu Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car Dashboard


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About this item

  • POWERFUL MAGNET : On Road, Off Road or Uneven roads, take on any adventure and be assured your Smartphone or GPS will be safely held with the strong inbuilt 4 Neodymium Magnets.
  • TWO WAY INSTALLATION : ON Mount it to your desired orientation when following the GPS or for hands-free talking
  • FIXING THE BASE.Clean the surface area of any dust and dirt with the wipe provided. Just peel off the adhesive, attach the car mount to any surface.Peel off the red protection film of the base and stick it directly on the dashboard, then press the base with much force for about 1-3 mins.on the dashboard/windshield to ensure that the base of the mount will solidly hold and keep your Smartphone in place,regardless of road vibration.DONOT STICK ON WAX POLISH DASHBORAD,Clean the surface with Alcohal
  • METAL PLATE: The metallic plate for magnet can simply be placed between the device and its case, or the adhesive metal plate can also stick to back of your mobile directly without case by removing the 3M sticker
  • EASY ONE HAND OPERATION: Mount and unmounts your device with one hand, in just a second! No cradles, clamps just the magic of the magnet. The easy mounting empowers the driver to safely and securely bolt the phone on the mount.


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